Eurythmy for Harmonious Teamwork

Eurythmy: Conscious Community Building Tool

Are there any tensions among your team members? Do you experience some stale energy in your offices? Is the environment too hectic way too often?

Harmonious movement of eurythmy gathers people in a circle, and gently smooths the energy flow among them. To contract and expand a circle, the members practice simultaneous awareness of themselves and each other. The roundness of a circle can be maintained only through conscious cooperation of all individuals involved.

People are yearning, and some are ready for connection with others at a deeper and higher level through the art of harmonious movement. When moving eurythmy, one needs to be aware of one’s center in the Soul and the periphery in the Spirit, of the self and the people around you. We need to be open to the idea that we are more than just physical bodies. We have life energy surrounding us. We are connected to the highest spiritual world through our uprightness, our I AM.

Eurythmy is both firm and warm. It’s a healthy I AM and a heartfelt I FEEL activity. It requires discipline and compassion.

Out of small communities, larger communities emerge, and humanity can then become a global community, concerned about and striving for the good of all its individual members. But where do we begin? Within ourselves through many approaches: individual eurythmy exercises, yoga, tai chi, various other integrative movement and self-help modalities.

The next step is to develop the sense of connectedness within our immediate circles. And this is where eurythmy comes into play, helping us enliven the space among us as multi-layered human beings. Circle, interweaving movement, poetry, music, sense of the whole on the multi-participation level. Focus, center and periphery, heart, thinking, doing, learning, listening, observing, touching, sensing the presence of each other, engaging with each other at intimate yet objective level. (No physical touch among each other is needed in this practice.)

The issues and disagreements may come up, but should be resolved through the gentle repetition of movement, through the life process of opening our hearts, of understanding each other and ourselves through movement. In this way, we transform the separation, the hardening of the hearts, which can be obstacles when trying to resolve conflicts. Instead, the mediation process happens in our hearts, individually, as we strive to move eurythmy forms in space together: objective, harmonious geometric forms, such as circles, stars, the infinity figure eight. These sensibilities develop in individuals when attending open eurythmy circles.

When moving eurythmy in an established group, the sense of community among the members is strengthened, which helps such group to accomplish greater deeds together, gently, with compassion, in joy and peace.

The basic eurythmy principles of harmonious movement between center and periphery (physically and spiritually) facilitate people moving harmoniously with each other to consciously create a community and multidimensional balance through free will of mature individuals.

From a eurythmy circle session, led by Marta Stemberger

Benefits of Harmonious Movement Art of Eurythmy at Work

  • Work more consciously and objectively with each other
  • Achieve greater cooperation among each other
  • Enhance the teamwork
  • Stimulate creative juices and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Help workers find meaning in their work
  • Brighten up people’s attitude
  • Improve overall effectiveness

Offers by Soulful Wizardess Marta Stemberger, MA

  • Eurythmy circles at work (30-60 min, once per week) to freshen up the overall workplace energy
  • Dynamic Name™ Mandala, Astrology in Your Name, (a series of tailored individual and group sessions) to smooth the connections and strengthen the core teams for more effective workflow and improved creativity

No prior experience in movement is necessary. The basis of eurythmy is natural human movement that everyone can do. Sessions can be held in any space that can be cleared of obstacles and noise.

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Feedback from Participants in a German Study

(from Eurythmy in Workplace: One Company’s Story, based on the study about effects of eurythmy in workplace at a German firm)

“I noticed that we were more relaxed.”

“After all, it follows that when a person works without fear or stress then everything works better. Eurythmy helps in this respect. It also makes you sure of yourself.”

In eurythmy, one practices “a different form of thinking and deviates from the stereotypes of thinking during work… Everything must be understood form a new point of view.”

“You see yourself more clearly, and notice that everyone else has made mistakes too.”

“It does not matter what you make mistakes within this community. To know that you can achieve something together with the mistakes and in spite of them was far more important.”

“It was an hour when we shook off every care and had a good time, something that is not necessarily so around here. We also got to know each other better.”

“Somehow a feeling of belonging to a group arose.”

“A feeling that I belong to a community was a real experience.”

“As time went on, people were greeting each other more often.”

“Most of us had experienced that something had been achieved together. It was beautiful cooperative creation.”

Booklet Eurythmy in Workplace: One Company’s Story, 1998, is available for purchase.

Contact Marta
for more information and
to schedule eurythmy sessions, classes, workshops.

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