It’s Time to Pause and Review Your Life

Dear Friends,

It’s time to pause and review your life. What’s working? What needs to change? Slow down and contemplate. Write a journal, or pen a poem, compose a song. Begin your autobiography.

Engage in mindful and meaningful activities. Please reduce your computer and TV time. Do yourself a huge favor and limit your exposure to electronic devices. Stop mindless online shopping. Scale down on internet browsing. Over-exposure to electronic vibes lowers the immune capacity of your body. At least it does that to me, and some of my friends I’ve spoken with. What’s the rationale behind it you may ask? Engagement with electronic energies over-stimulates the nerves, and thus depletes our life resources, and we get distressed. When we are drained, we are less resilient to outside interruptions. In social encounters, we are then more prone to snapping at people, responding out of instincts, instead of applying living thinking before speaking or writing. When our body is exhausted, its biological forces are less effective when invaded by bacteria and viruses.

An age-old advice teaches us to rest when we don’t feel well, emotionally or physically. To rejuvenate yourself, slow down. Yet, I keep noticing that I want to do things fast. I have to remind myself often: Don’t rush! There is no hurry. Slow down! Stay centered and calm. Sleep. Do some handwork, draw, paint. Write, but practice handwriting. Go for a walk. Meditate. Contemplate. Read. Jot down your thoughts and observations. Explore what recharges your life forces and  your sense of health.

Yes, it’s time to pause. At least for a week. Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and next Tuesday is a new Moon. Regain your inner balance of soul, mind, body, spirit, as we pass through the threshold of the Spring Equinox this Thursday. May the Piscean energy imbue you with true vibes of well-being.

The coronavirus pandemic may be a blessing in disguise, asking us to slow down and re-evaluate how we live our lives worldwide. We’re all human beings. But are we awake? Do we live in full awareness, or merely out of passive habits? How can we be actively present here and now, and connected to the spiritual beings of Light, Love, Life?

We are all unique, therefore, we find different paths towards the same Source. One way is to practice the I-A-O harmonious movement meditation (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”), the first eurythmy exercise, given by Rudolf Steiner to Lory Maier-Smits in September of 1912 in Munich, Germany. From Hawaiian shamanism, we learn that ‘IAO is the sacred name for the Infinite Light, the Light of the World. The ancient Gnostic text Pistis Sophia informs us that the resurrected Christ and his disciples used the invocation I-A-O to call upon the boundless Light of the Universe. If you are inspired and would like to try it, click here to download the free audio and written version of this meditation.

Soulful blessings,