Marta Stemberger

Dynamic Name Mandala by Soulful Wizardess Marta Stemberger

LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF YOUR NAME Were you ever compelled to delve deeper into the origins of the popular practices on February 14, better known as the Valentine’s Day? […]

Eurythmy Musings: Virgo 2017

SPARKLES TO SHARE The four weeks before the autumnal equinox are marked with our gradual descent back onto the Earth from the sojourn in the brilliance of the High Summer’s […]

Eurythmy Musings: Gemini 2017

BE FREE & SHINE Gemini and Mercury reflect the Sun’s light in outreaching yellow rays of anticipation. They are both good communicators: Mercury with its quicksilver tongue, Gemini with bright […]

Eurythmy Musings: Taurus 2017

EXPAND & HAVE FUN The Sun left the red Aries on April 19 to enter the orange Taurus. Taurus and Jupiter reflect the Sun’s light in nourishing and expansive orange […]

Eurythmy Musings: Aries 2017

WAKE UP & SHINE Red is the color of Life, the force of the will to live. The eagerness to be alive, to create, mhm…to procreate, is palpable all around […]

Eurythmy Musings: Pisces 2017

PREPARE FOR SPRING What dreams are stirring within you in the final weeks of Winter? The seeds that were planted in the Fall, are now waking up. The farmers know […]

Eurythmy Musings: Aquarius 2017

PREPARE TO SHARE YOUR LIGHT During the end of January and most of February, we are influenced by the vibrations of the Aquarius star group. The Bearer of Spirit Waters […]

Eurythmy Musings: Libra & Scorpio 2016

DEEP EQUILIBRIUM The Sun begins its annual visit with the stars of equilibrium at the Autumnal Equinox. We’re thus invited to strive for balance in our lives. The indigo blue […]