Pisces 2017


What dreams are stirring within you in the final weeks of Winter? The seeds that were planted in the Fall, are now waking up. The farmers know that the small shapes they put into the Earth are not dead matter, even though they may appear as such in their inert form. Each kernel contains all the information needed to manifest into a very specific plant. But the blueprint can only transform into reality if nurtured with proper nutrients and care. Otherwise, the condensed intelligent structure collapses, and the organic matter rots, becoming the soil. Nature knows this, and so do gardeners. Because they listen to the wisdom of the stars.

The Sun began its traditional visit with the stars of the Pisces on February 18, 2017, and will shine the light through the feisty magenta of the Fishes through March 19, 2017.

Pisces, the Explorer of Waters, give us the sound N, formed through the colors of yellow green, blue violet, and soft purple. We can feel the stirrings in Nature, and the changes in the air during the last month of the Winter. The beings in the constellation of Pisces swim around to invigorate the esoteric liquids with eagerness to birth new life.

The movement of the consonant N is bright, but also thoughtful: No, we are not to destroy the bridges to the past; we are encouraged to be in touch with the knowledge gained from the lived experiences. Emotions are processed and elevated into feelings. The essence of the pilgrimage and the wisdom learnt become the honey pot for the Soul’s journey ahead. Respect for the old and gentle anticipation for the new is joyfully expressed in the gesture of N. This is enhanced by the gesture of Pisces, which connects the still unconscious wisdom, stored in our bodies, with our Cosmic blueprint.


Pisces Seal by Rudolf SteinerEurythmy Figure N by Marta Stemberger

The Moon is waning during the first week of the Pisces this year, ending with the solar eclipse on March 26. An intense week. But we have simple yet powerful tools to help us:  gentle openings that give hope, soft smiles that warm the Soul, inviting gestures that heal the hearts. The second week will be a bit rough as well, the energies may get a bit raw. Yes, it’s still Winter. Keep your inner flame alive with spiritual practices to stay warm and strong. As the Moon continues to wax, reflecting the Sun’s rays, the blues will begin to lift in the third week of Pisces. Breathe, relax, and prepare for the fresh joys of approaching Spring in the Northern hemisphere. The full moon on March 12 will prepare us for the invigorating entry into the Spring. Allow the rays of brightness awaken Love in your heart.

What are the inner processes we need to go through now—while the Sun is visiting the house of —to assist the dreams to be ready to awake at the end of Winter, on Spring Equinox. Spiritual research, undertaken by Rudolf Steiner, offers us additional guidance. Let’s learn what the Sun, the Moon and the five major planets have to say as they speak through the vibrations of the stars of Pisces…

In what is lost, may the loss find itself,

In what is gained, may the gain lose itself,

In what is comprehended, may comprehending seek itself

And sustain itself by sustaining.

Through becoming, uplifted to existence,

Through existing, interwoven with the becoming,

May the loss be gain in itself!

(Rudolf Steiner’s verse for the mood of Pisces from Twelve Moods, translated from German by Ruth and Hans Pusch)

“In what is lost, may the loss find itself,” advises the Sun. Always focus on the lessons learnt. There’s gain in every loss. We grow wiser through hardships and challenges. Don’t be discouraged because you didn’t get that pie on the sky” when you have a nice meal right in front of you.

And Venus adds: “In what is gained, may the gain lose itself.” When you do get the piece of that coveted “pie on the sky”, yes, celebrate, but don’t go to sleep. The journey continues after the victory. The success won’t last if you stop the work.

The ever moving Mercury urges you to keep on going: “In what is comprehended, may comprehending seek itself.” Continue to explore the layers of existence. “Why” is the most potent question there is. It’s much easier to be active when we understand why the action is needed.

Mars, of course, is always about doing and persevering: “And sustain itself by sustaining.” Understand the why and then figure out the how. Abraham Lincoln words arise from this line of thinking: “Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then… find the way.”

“Through becoming, uplifted to existence,” encourages Jupiter. We become what we do. We exist through our actions. We lead by example. “Through existing, interwoven with the becoming,” ponders wise Saturn. The existence is active: I am not a static moment, but the continuous process of becoming. I exist in becoming. I am being.

And the ever-changing Moon speaks from her own experience: “May the loss be gain in itself!” What we loose, we gain. The snake sheds its skin in order for the new skin to grow. We die so that we can be reborn. We are born so that we can die. Through the process of death and rebirth, we learn to appreciate life.

Order of planetary seals for 12 moods by Rudolf Steiner in Pisces

The last four weeks of Winter are all about letting go of the old to make space for the new to emerge. Since Winter is the season of feeling, we are to look at emotions in the month of Pisces, and transform them into refined feelings. It’s time to transmute the heavy, lead-like emotions into bright, enriching feelings. Ask the Archangel Uriel to help you in this alchemical process. Take time to notice your pains, anxieties, fears, worries, and see through the shadows that are creating them. Shine the Light to enlighten the shadows. Lift your vibrations so that the lower energies can no longer stick to you. How?

Slow down and relax. Breathe. Stay positive. Get enough sleep. Engage in daily spiritual practice of your choice.

Pisces swim together, yet they maintain their own boundaries. Let’s practice being, living, working with each other while respecting our individual life paths. Establish healthy boundaries. Open up, if you’re too closed in. Weave some veils of protection, if you tend to be too widely available.

Take a few moments each day, or at least once a week, and write down in your journal current sensations that arise in you, and as well as the memories of the experiences you’ve had in the past years during the month of Pisces. Observe if you tend to be ready to jump into the brightness of Spring, leaving the old habits behind. Do you feel nudged to manifest your dreams and give birth to your renewed self in the weeks before the Spring Equinox? Or do you go through some blues as the Winter is departing? The influence of the Piscean energies may be stronger for you if any part of your name contains the consonant N, or if your Sun, Moon, or any of the five main planets in your birth chart, are in the sign of Pisces.

You can deepen this exploration by preparing yourself with the I-A-O harmonious movement meditation and then following with the Eurythmy Esoteric Consonants meditation. Both are available for free.

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