April 2016

Harmonious Movement Enlivens the Healthy Life Forces

Eurythmy is the breathing, alive space among people; it’s the flow of energy as we move along, towards, through, past each other. Not just “dancing with” as in folk dance, or “dancing at” as in ballet, but consciously cultivating the aliveness among the movers, between the movers and observers. Time and space are crafted into a magical opening where we can all glimpse our own true dreams, the dreams that we were born with, the path of humaneness that awaits our discovery.

Is humanity ready for eurythmy? For refreshing doses of harmonious movement? At this point of cosmic evolution of humanity, eurythmy is the yeast, needed to awaken and enliven the so-called “etheric” forces in and around the human body. If we fail to do this, the physicality, the deadening effects of lower thinking (materialistic intellectualism), and animalistic lust will destroy the human race. We see this happening right now.

The killing and exploitation of plant kingdom is the outer manifestation of the dwindling etheric forces, the forces of life, found in nature, and especially strong in plants. Sleeping and breathing disorders are a direct consequence. When the etheric forces weaken in the human energy field, we are tired, devoid of inner spark, or cannot relax to fall asleep. The energy is misdirected and is killing us from within: depression, cancer, HIV, and the list goes on. Allergies, for example, are coming out of the inability to connect with plants via the shared etheric field because the human etheric body is becoming thin and bound too tightly to the physical body where it cannot move freely, and becomes stuck and destructive.

The solution? Slow down and commune with nature, engage in exercises that awaken, enliven, enrich the etheric forces. The etheric field gives life to the human body; the Soul gives life to the human beings. Without these two elements, we cease being human. The etheric heart is born when the human etheric body and the human Soul merge. Without the etheric heart, the human race is lost. The highest potential of the humanity is now accessible to all of us in the etheric field of the Earth. The benevolent forces of Light, Love, Life are ready to help us keep the human etheric and soul forces alive, to manifest the etheric human heart, the breathing energy connecting us all through love and compassion. Heart diseases arise out of our inability to connect through our etheric hearts.

Eurythmy as the art of balanced, integrated, harmonious movement is essential for this next phase in human evolution. All spiritual activities need to include at least a little bit of conscious harmonious movement. As human beings, we all do some basic eurythmy unconsciously all the time: we breathe, walk, stand upright. But we need to begin cultivating harmonious movement consciously on a regular basis. Ideally, every lecture, gathering, ritual, would begin with some simple eurythmy movement in a circle to enliven the flow of energy within and around people, to create healthy breathing environment for the event.

There are other integrative movement practices that can prepare the way, such as yoga and tai chi, among others. But then it’s time for eurythmy, the art of harmonious movement, otherwise the effects of other practices may turn on themselves, and undermine the benefits.

People are yearning, and some are ready for connection with others in a deeper and higher sense through harmonious flow. In eurythmy, one needs to be aware of the center in the Soul and periphery in the Spirit, of the self and the people around you. We need to be open to the idea that we are more than just physical bodies. We have life energy surrounding us. We are connected to the highest spiritual world through our uprightness, our I AM.

hAmoves Eurythmy, The Art of Harmonious MovementThe faster our life pace is, the more physical we become. Think of mineral deposits in our veins, caused by stress and hectic lifestyle. The fast past-future oriented pace causes calcification of the Soul and the Spirit, and thus suffering. We need to slow down to soften ourselves, make our bodies more pliable, our mind more peaceful. As Dr. Carla Hannaford describes in her books Smart Moves and Playing in the Unified Field, we need the flow of oxytocin (produced in gentle human contact, such as breast feeding and hugging) and dopamine (produced in mediation) for our mind to open (the frontal lobe of our brain in particular). We need to exit the old reptilian brain of fight or flight, and expand the frontal lobe, the uniquely human part of the brain, which allows higher level thinking that embraces creative activities and global community awareness, leading to deeds of compassion and cooperation among people.

Living in the Soul and the Spirit has no past or future, just the present. The flow of the etheric forces is fully present in the now, forming celestial colors and sounds within each human being’s energy field, each with its own unique identity in harmony with the cosmic forces of Light, Love, Life, the Source of creation and existence. The so-called “picture thinking”—healthy imagination—is a frontal lobe activity, which distinguishes us from other mammals.

Eurythmy enters the human process at this deep level, and nourishes our need for accessing spiritual imagery. The underlining principle is that notes in music and words in poetry are seeds that become alive when played or spoken, and create images in our minds. The quality of these images depends on the quality and level of our thinking. Rudimentary reasoning, including materialistic logical thinking, is not alive. We need to cultivate picture thinking, which include reason and logic, but on a higher cognitive level. As shown by neurological research, the capacity to create images in our mind is essential for human learning and well being.

Eurythmy is an integrated harmonious movement system that makes the pictures we form in our brains visible: sounds of speech, tones in music, colors, gestures for soul moods, principles to move in space. Eurythmy offers a set of tools for transforming the inner activity into conscious harmonious movement. Thus movement, created in eurythmy, includes all aspects of our humanness.

In eurythmy, one sculpts the space, the air, the energy around oneself to make speech visible; one expands the sphere around oneself within which music becomes visible. Words, thoughts, music, images, made visible through harmonious movement, lighten people’s burdens, lift their hearts, reawaken their Souls.

Eurythmy, the movement art created at the beginning of the 20th century by Rudolf Steiner, is now emerging from obscurity at this poignant moment in human evolution.

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  1. Amazing, marvelous, astonishing! As one who has maintained his sanity and equlibrium throughout life via communing with nature daily, religiously, insistently, consistently, intrepidly, happily; and one whose energetic sensitivity has not just been a part of my life, but has shaped and directed my life; and one whose always active creative expression was linked to my constant spiritual yearings, Eurythmy gives a bridge to an experience of life that I have playfully lived and worked in and would love to share in with others! Thank you for bringing this gift into being!!!


    1. Thank you for the compliments, and a wonderful comment, Chuck. How have you come to know about eurythmy?


      1. I saw your post on fb with the link to this site Marta. This is my first time reading about Eurythmy.


        1. Oh, so I guess I must have done something right 😉 because your comment reads as if you knew about eurythmy before 😉


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