Cancer 2016

Nurture and Explore

Have you ever wondered why the word “cancer”, the name for the constellation of stars, has also become a colloquial name for a modern disease?

The stars of Cancer, as well as the planetary being Venus, reflect the Sun’s light in soothing green rays of equilibrium. Every year between June 21 and July 21, when the Sun passes through the constellation of the Crab on its annual pilgrimage through the sky in the Northern hemisphere, the green influence is very potent. The high Summer shines in bright, warm light, calms the eyes with the lush greenery of trees and meadows, and pleases the palate with plenty of delicious fruits. The places in Nature, which may be too harsh for a pleasant sojourn in Winter, Spring, or Autumn, are now welcoming the visitors: high mountains, Northern sea shores, regions up North.

There’s nothing malevolent during the month of Cancer. It’s the time to slow down—taking a step back like a crab—soaking in the Sun and the warmth. We’re invited to open up to the worlds of the Spirit in awe, and practice balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. At the level of the heart. The eurythmy gesture for Cancer envelops the chest: the left arm from behind, and the right one from the front. The stars of the Crab give the humanity the sound of the consonant “F”. A bright, airy, forward moving gesture, expressed in the layers of white, yellow orange, and reddish orange.

Yes, indeed, breathe, let go, relax, and enjoy the calming green riches of Mother Earth and the bright expanses of Father Sky.

Cancer Seal by Rudolf SteinerEurythmy Figure F, based on Rudolf Steiner's indications
The modern world, immersed in the technology, doesn’t encourage slower, more relaxed life style. And doesn’t welcome exploration of the spiritual realms. Perhaps the disease of cancer arose out of this imbalance. The energy, which should have been spent in inquiries of the Spirit, is pushed down and feeds the growth of unnecessary masses—benign and malign—obstructing the proper function of our physical vessel. The disease slows us down indeed, but through the kinky path of darkness. Yes, there are people who find their path into the Light out of the tumultuous caverns of suffering, but many succumb, and are lost on the way. The solution? Breathe, slow down, relax. Allow the Sun’s light and warmth to nourish your body. Let the benevolent Spirit beings shine Light into your inner chambers and dissolve fears into Love.

Find and maintain a sustainable equilibrium between the inner and the outer, between your active life in the world of matter, and contemplative explorations of the spiritual realms. And imbue all with Love: love thyself and love the others. We’re all part of the same Earth and the Sky, experiencing the diversity of creation through our own uniqueness.

The planetary being Venus reflects back to us whatever we feel deep in our souls, writes Rudolf Steiner. The divine being, born out of the sea foam in Greece, was called Aphrodite. Romans gave her the name Venus, the goddess of Love and Abundance, the guardian of Friday. Her eurythmy gesture scoops the riches with the left arm from behind, and offers them to the world with the right hand at the level of the heart. Receive and give. Yes, note that we have to receive first so that we have something to give. How many times do we reverse this order? We keep on giving, and forget to receive.

Venus brings us the sound of the vowel “A”, inspiring awe through the openness of the heart. Open up and receive, actively and gratefully. Be in awe to draw the spiritual abundance to you. Allow to be reached. Accept the gifts that are offered to you. Unlock the doors and welcome the carrier. Unlatch the windows for the joy to flow into your Soul.

“A” (”ah”) for Venus, the Mother, “F” for Cancer, the Father. The Summer Solstice on June 21 ushers in four weeks of creating and practicing a harmonious dance between the feminine and masculine within us. The yin and yang in balance.

Venus Seal by Rudolf SteinerEurythmy Figure A, based on Rudolf Steiner's indications

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