Leo 2016

Energy and Peace

Can we touch the Spirit heights while rooted in the Earth? The constellation of Leo gives us the opportunity to develop this feeling each year when the Sun passes through its realms. The eurythmy gesture for the stars of Lion reaches up with arms spread at their widest, palms turned backward, fingers stretched wide. We’re like a tree, soaring into the light blue sky to soak in the brightness and warmth of the Sun. This is the most expanded gesture in eurythmy, hence also the most vulnerable. It takes courage to be thus exposed. Yet, we need to be fully open to be able to receive the presents of the Spirit. And practice being aware in this state of receptiveness. Notice how palms are out of our sight. We cannot see what is given to us; we have to sense the offerings. We will close the palms around the gift and bring them in our field of vision during the month of Virgo.

Eurythmy figure D, hand-drawn by Marta Stemberger, based on Rudolf Steiner's indicationsEurythmy figure T, based on Rudolf Steiner's indications
The constellation of Leo offers humanity the sounds of T and D. The orange, pure red, and green T strikes balanced light through the spine, enlivening our individual column of Light with fresh sparks from the Source. The human uprightness is strengthened. We remember anew that we’re to be conscious conduits between the heavens and the Earth.

The orange, warm red, and soft lilac D showers us gently, yet firmly, with the spiritual gifts that descend like leaves onto the ground. While T helps us to be alert and active, D teaches us how to be receptive in royal gratitude. Let’s consciously cultivate energy and peace on Earth under the refreshing, yet calm clear blue skies.

Leo Seal by Rudolf SteinerSteiner’s seal for the Lion constellation is very descriptive. In awareness of the Light, we go deep into the Earth’s underground to reach into the heights of the heavens to manifest tangible harvest out of the passing blossoms, which will then turn into seeds. We’re reminded of the process of Life: from the seeds into flowering into ripe fruit back into the seeds.

At the beginning of August, people in the Northern hemisphere celebrate the first harvest festival, while those in the Southern hemisphere observe the Imbolc. August and February—Leo and Aquarius—are two important moments of transition in the Soul’s annual pilgrimage. All of nature undergoes a subtle, yet essential shift from the inside. At the beginning of February, the sap in the trees turns upward to get ready for the outer manifestation of growth. At Lammas, we begin the preparation to receive the rewards for our labors.

Sun Seal by Rudolf SteinerThe white and golden energy of the Sun envelops us in expansive and streamlined vowel AU (“ah-oo”). The popular yogic chanting of AUM connects the two turning points: AU as the gift from the Sun in its most glorious state, M as the present from Aquarius. In between lies the transformation from openness to receiving, which is beautifully expressed in the harmonious movement from AU to M in eurythmy.

During the Sun’s sojourn in Leo, we’re invited to look within and observe where our dark, closed spots are. Ask the stars of Lion to give you courage to unlock these doors and windows, and allow Light to enter. Perceive where you’re blocked. Relax and breathe in the Summer’s warmth to melt away the barriers. Notice that I didn’t write “work to remove the obstacles”. Heat and humidity encourage us to slow down and let go of hectic habits that create blocks in us. Soak in the Cosmic nourishment instead. Be alert and grateful. Experience the sense of being awakened and peaceful at the same time.

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