Gemini 2017


Gemini and Mercury reflect the Sun’s light in outreaching yellow rays of anticipation. They are both good communicators: Mercury with its quicksilver tongue, Gemini with bright enthusiastic exchange of ideas. Throughout the year, yellow vibes are strong every Wednesday, the day of Mercury. And every year between May 20 and June 21, as the Sun passes through the constellation of the Twins, the yellow influence is extra powerful.

Mercury Seal by Rudolf SteinerThe planetary being Mercury, the Messenger, eager to connect the Heavens and the Earth, and the master of coordination, offers us the sense of “I AM” with the sound of “I” (pronounced “ee”). He “provides the forces for capacities of intellect and reason, coordinative knowledge and mental activity,” says Steiner.

But the Messenger slows down 3-4 times a year for about 3 weeks each time, inviting us to turn our thinking capacities inwards. There are still two sets of Mercury backward motion awaiting us this year: August 12—September 5, and December 3-22. What are we to do during these retrograde periods? We need to review our steps every once in a while to make sure we are still following the right path. Pay attention what emotions come up, as if out-of-the-blue. Take time to process them and become a little more conscious about their underlying reasons. If you manage to guide your thoughts just right in sudden, unexpected challenges, you will acquire new insights and skills for the journey ahead.

The vowel I (“ee”, as in “see”) corresponds to the seventh tone of the scale: B in the C-scale or TI in solfeggio. In the song “Do Re Mi” from the movie Sound of Music, Julie Andrews gives us the image: “Tea, a drink with jam and bread.”

The seventh interval is the vibrational space between the TI and the DO. The tips of the fingers move quickly, eager to reach the octave, just a half tone away. The English expression “at sixes and sevens” describes one aspect of this sensation: the nervousness that comes in when we are tight with time or filled with anxiety and worries.

But a more positive side is the poise, being alert and ready to finish the projects in peace. Just imagine an English lady drinking her afternoon tea, with the fingers positioned just so when she lifts the cup to her mouth.

It’s up to us to choose: worry or poise.

Eurythmy Figure I ("ee"), based on Rudolf Steiner's indications

The bright Gemini reflect the Sun’s light in outreaching yellow rays of anticipation, and offer humanity the gift of the consonant H as it sounds in “happy” (breathing out) and in “human” (breathing in). The cosmic being Gemini helps us be aware of our surroundings, like a ship captain, standing at the wheel, observing the calm sea at the sunrise.

The star constellation of Gemini is often called Twins, reflecting the double sided aspect of our nature: conscious and unconscious. They need to know each other. The enlightening yellow helps us see the darker corners of our inner chambers. It’s important to openly communicate with odd creatures of uncomfortable emotions and issues, hiding in various crooks and crannies of our psyche. The compassionate—yet objective—exchange may facilitate our efforts as we are striving for the balance within.

Eurythmy Figure H (as in "human"), based on Rudolf Steiner's indicationsEurythmy Figure H (as in "happy"), based on Rudolf Steiner's indications

How can you turn the darkness within into the freedom that the inner Light offers? I’m sharing one of my poems to inspire you:

“When morning birds peck at my frazzled nerves,
their flutter stomps me deep into a silver cage.
When Sun on the clear blue sky above burns
my brain and I …, I beg, I scream in rage
for clouds to cover up this gorgeous day
to join, to comfort me in restless pain.
When empty, golden room beyond its bay,
beyond its limits, into mind extends,
and I know neither how nor where nor will
I escape, frozen, glued amidst a lie;
when mirror shows my eyes as sparkless, ill,
when smile becomes a frown, and laugh a cry—
then, oh, then, my dear Lover—take me:
Let’s merge with the Soul’s rainbow and glee.”

~ Marta Stemberger”

Gemini Seal by Rudolf Steiner

Are you ready to make a free choice to shine your Light into the world? What does the esoteric wisdom of Gemini teach us? It’s time to brighten up and rejoice in Life, just as it is. Spiritual research, undertaken by Rudolf Steiner, offers us additional guidance. Let’s learn what the Sun, the Moon and the five major planets have to say as they speak through the vibrations of the stars of the Twins…

Reveal yourself, Life of the Sun,

Stir up what tends to rest,

Embrace what desires to strive

Towards a mighty prevailing of life,

Towards a blessed knowing of worlds,

Towards a fruitful maturing of growth.

O, Life of the Sun, endure!

(Rudolf Steiner’s verse for the mood of Gemini from Twelve Moods, translated from German by Ruth and Hans Pusch)

I invite you to listen to the Soulful Sparks Radio’s episode for the interpretation of the verse for the Mood of Gemini.

Wisdom of Gemini on Soulful Sparks Radio Jun-04-2017

The dreams are ready to prosper through creative joy. Arise. Expand beyond the narrow self-imposed limits. Listen. Hear intuition in the quiet of your heart. Yes, we all need crumbs of joy to thrive. What are yours?

Take a few moments each day, or at least once a week, and write down in your journal current sensations that arise in you, as well as the memories of the experiences you’ve had in the past years during the month of Gemini. Observe if you tend to be ready to let go, be free, and shine as the Summer approaches. Or are you drawn in to hide your pain and suffering?

Write down in your journal the memories and the sensations that arise in you. The influence of the Gemini energies may be stronger for you if any part of your name contains the consonant H (as it sounds in “happy” and in “human”), or if your Sun, Moon, or any of the five main planets in your birth chart, are in the sign of Gemini.

You can deepen this exploration by preparing yourself with the IAO (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) harmonious movement meditation, and then following with the Eurythmy Esoteric Consonants meditation. Both are available for free.

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And listen to the Soulful Sparks Radio’s episode for additional pearls of wisdom from the stars of Gemini, and the overview of the four weeks of the Sun’s visit at the house of the Twins.

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