Taurus 2017


The Sun left the red Aries on April 19 to enter the orange Taurus.

Taurus and Jupiter reflect the Sun’s light in nourishing and expansive orange rays of universal knowledge of the future, according to Rudolf Steiner. Throughout the year, orange vibes are strong every Thursday, the day of Jupiter. And every year between April 19 and May 20, as the Sun passes through the constellation of the Bull, the orange influence is extra powerful.

Eurythmy Figure O, based on Rudolf Steiner's indicationsThe planetary being Jupiter, a benevolent leader and a warm presence, softly embraces us with the sound of O (pronounced “oh”). He encourages creative cosmic thinking. Not the everyday scattered monkey-mind activity, not the logical thought processing, nor pondering of the past, but cognizing in pictures. The kind of immersion in images that happens when we read a well written book, or listen to good music. Any art that engages, yet, doesn’t overwhelm the senses, will do the trick to enrich the mind with internal visualization, the multidimensional storytelling in the personal etheric bubble.

Jupiter Seal by Rudolf SteinerImagination is thinking in picture forms in the present, a gift of Jupiter. Logical thinking is analyzing the past, a gift of Saturn. Both are needed. Saturn is indigo blue, which is inward, contracting. The lurking dangers are negative thoughts, cynicism, sarcasm. Whereas the Jupiter’s orange brings the expansive rays of universal knowledge of the future. To perceive the Jupiter’s insights, we have to uplift our vibrations with a positive attitude; otherwise its wisdom stays in the subconscious.

Rudolf Steiner reminds us that memory is the past, imagination is the present, inspiration is the future. All three are human thinking capacities. Yes, we need to be well versed in logic, and have to learn from the past. But cannot remain stuck there. We must strive to consciously form pictures in our mind. This is not the same as clairvoyance. Images perceived through clairvoyance are given to us by other spiritual beings: all that is required of us is to be clean and open recipients, yet passive. Don’t get me wrong: it’s good to receive information via heightened sense of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting. But psychic abilities are not supposed to be the end goal. We should not passively rely on them.

Each one of us is a spiritual being in a human body. As human beings we merge the animal and angelic qualities. Our task is to elevate our physical existence to the angelic levels through higher cognitive and perceptive capacities. We contribute to the Universe by consciously developing imagination and creative thinking, which inspire us to create in the world of matter.

We must get into the habit of creating sparks of inspiration within us. The outside world of matter and Spirit can encourage and nudge us, but without the inward spark and inner fuel, we cannot accomplish much.

Eurythmy Figure R, hand-drawn by Marta Stemberger, based on Rudolf Steiner's indicationsThe orange Taurus with its airy rolled R enables us to expand the projects we began in Aries, so that they can fully shine in yellow Gemini and breathe. Let’s enjoy the airy rolled R of the Bull, full of creativity and fun.

I find it interesting that in English, the sound of R is growling, grounding R. It’s still an air sound, and fluffs up the physical matter. According to Rudolf Steiner, English is the language of the future. Other Indo-European languages have a bright rolled R; the French R is a bit different, and leads to a deeper English R. One day I’d like to research the historic progression of this consonant a bit more.

“O Cow: Your strength out of the language, which Stars reveal to me.” (Rudolf Steiner, 1923)

The full moon, while the Sun is in Taurus, marking the festival of Wesak in Buddhism, is on May 10 this year. It celebrates Buddha’s birthday; and some Buddhists also commemorate his enlightenment and death on the same day. Buddhist monks wear orange, and Tibetan monks wear shades of orange, red, yellow.

In Christian tradition, Whitsun or Pentecost on the 7th Sunday after Easter sometimes occurs during the Sun’s visit with the orange Taurus and sometimes during the Sun sojourn in yellow Gemini. It’s coming up on June 4 this year. Both occasions—Buddhist and Christian—are about spiritual expansion, about receiving the universal wisdom.

The Beltane festival on May 1 (or on the full Moon closest to it) is the festival of fertility and Union. The Buddhist Wesak festival and the Lunar Beltane occur on the same day this year, on May 10.

Taurus Seal by Rudolf SteinerTaurus the Bull is associated with the Goddess in pagan traditions. Many such images can be seen in Paleolithic and Neolithic art across Europe and Middle East. Gradually, the union of the Bull and the Goddess was broken, and the Bull was set against the Goddess, the Cow. The myth about the rape of Europa is one example. If we observe what’s happening in the physical reality, we notice that the bulls and the cows are suffering: bull-fighting, abusive animal husbandry practices, and unsustainable milk production. Isn’t it time to heal this ancient wound?

Are you ready to blossom with the flowers of Spring? What does the esoteric wisdom of Taurus teach us? It’s time to expand the projects we embarked on since the Spring Equinox. Spiritual research, undertaken by Rudolf Steiner, offers us additional guidance. Let’s learn what the Sun, the Moon and the five major planets have to say as they speak through the vibrations of the stars of the Bull…

Shine forth, O glory of being,

Reach into the power of becoming,

And weave the thread of life

Through worlds imbued with being,

In mindful revelation,

Into radiant life-awareness.

O glory of being, appear!


(Rudolf Steiner’s verse for the mood of Taurus from Twelve Moods, translated from German by Ruth and Hans Pusch)

Order of planetary seals for 12 moods by Rudolf Steiner in Aries

“Shine forth, O glory of being”, exclaims the Sun. Brighten up. Expand the glorious aspects of your being, of your spiritual nature. Taurus is orange, the color of expansion. The Sun exited the house of Aries on April 19. The stars of Aries are red, stubborn, perseverant: “Let’s go, let’s do.” When you do the gesture for the color of red in eurythmy, there is a tension of muscles. And then you relax and expand and brighten up into orange.

“Reach into the power of becoming”, encourages Venus. While you expand, realize the potential within you to become an enlightened human being.

And through that, “weave the thread of life”, advises Mercury.

Use your power to create life “through worlds imbued with being”, adds Mars.

Strive for enlightenment to imbue the worlds of matter with higher vibrations, to bring dead matter into life. You need perseverance, and that’s what Mars is all about.

“In mindful revelation”, reminds us Jupiter, who is also orange. In the month of orange Taurus, the orange Jupiter guides us to be mindful about the information we receive, and be mindful about sharing information. Revelation can be about the content we take in as well as about the content we give out.

And then we have Saturn who says: “Into radiant life-awareness”. The work, the processing we need to do to brighten up, to be more enlightened, to engage with life, to be mindful, is to be done with radiant life-awareness. Most of the time we think of Saturn as a bony, grey-bearded old man, who may be a stern teacher. Saturn is indigo blue, which is a nave-gazing gesture in eurythmy. Saturn is also in charge of time and basic structures. All very serious, and yet, he uses the word “radiant” in this verse by Rudolf Steiner. Yes, being aware doesn’t necessarily need to be a somber pondering activity. Being aware of life should be radiant because life is radiant. Life is ever-moving flow of energy. Beware of what’s happening around you. Be conscious. Be radiant in your presence.

The Moon concludes the verse for the mood of Taurus, the last one, as always in these Zodiac poems: ”O glory of being, appear!” She is calling to us, humans: “O enlightened being appear. Reach your enlightenment. Step into your spiritual essence.” It’s a call that is a touch beyond the present. This is interesting because the Moon is associated with the past. Through her ever-changing mode, she brings lots of insights from the past incarnations of the planet Earth that are important for us to know. Out of this deep knowledge that she brings, she exclaims, together with the Sun: “For crying out loud, step into your gory of spiritual essence.” Be responsible, of course. It’s not about the Luciferic attitude: “I’m all of that”. No, it’s about conscious, responsible stepping into your column of pure light so that you can receive guidance from your Higher Self, as well as the Highest Self. We meet out Higher Self at night in deep sleep. To learn more, listen to the Soulful Sparks Radio episode “Find the Rhythms of Your Soul”. And you can connect with your Highest Self through the IAO (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) harmonious movement meditation, which is available for free to soulful readers.

Live in the Spirit’s flow every moment of your life. Be confident to share your song. Be free to reveal the gifts at your own pace. Have the courage to let go of your fears. Allow yourself to blossom in freedom afresh. Have the courage to live in our own true Light. May your dreams prosper through creative joy.

Take a few moments each day, or at least once a week, and write down in your journal the current sensations that arise in you, as well as the memories of the experiences you’ve had in the past years during the month of Taurus. Observe if you tend to be ready to blossom with the flowers of Spring. Or do you get a bit overwhelmed with all the abundant display in Nature? The influence of the Taurean energies may be stronger for you if any part of your name contains the consonants R, or if your Sun, Moon, or any of the five main planets in your birth chart, are in the sign of Taurus.

You can deepen this exploration by preparing yourself with the IAO (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) harmonious movement meditation, and then following with the Eurythmy Esoteric Consonants meditation. Both are available for free.

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And listen to the Soulful Sparks Radio’s episode for additional pearls of wisdom from the stars of Taurus, and the overview of the five weeks of the Sun’s visit at the house of the Bull.

Wisdom of Taurus on Soulful Sparks Radio Apr-23-2017

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