May 2016

Kinesthetic Awareness for Inner Exploration

The more we learn about our true identity, the more confident we are. The more genuinely self-confident we are, the easier it is to shed off fears that we may have accumulated. Once we purge fears, we can more smoothly manifest our dreams in the world of matter.

The echo of “know thyself” still reverberates through the ethers from the ancient Greek oracle at Delphi. “Know thyself,” not just with your mind, but with your heart and your whole body. Sense the presence of your Highest Self: the wise, ever present, eternal part of you that knows you deeply, loves you unconditionally, guides you safely through each lifetime. Yes, angels assist us as well. Yes, we are all part of one Divine Source. These forces are always present no matter what. The goal of our existence as human beings is to become fully conscious of who we are, in all dimensions, while inhabiting the material plane. Our Highest Self is our essence, without which we are lost and broken. The re-union with our Highest Self is the enlightenment we yearn for.

There are many modalities that espouse affirmations at the level of thoughts and emotions. But we are here on Earth in a physical body. We need to ground our capacities for conscious thinking and conscious feeling through conscious doing. Eurythmy based meditations allow us to infuse spiritual insights through enlightened movement into the life-imbued physical sheath we live in. Think, feel, do. A tree can soar into the heights only if its roots reach deep into the soil. Humans can only fully open to the Light of the Spirit if we can find wisdom in the warm core of the Earth, and connect the two through human Love.

We are the cross: In the vertical column of Light, we link the Heaven and the Earth; we emanate Love from our human center—the heart—horizontally to each other and all living creatures on our Emerald planet.

The stars and the planets that witnessed your birth always shine on you from the cosmic periphery. But when your name is spoken, the sounds are audible; they can be perceived here and now. Each consonant is a gift from a constellation of the stars; each vowel is a present from a planet. The stars and the planets, associated with consonants and vowels, thus enter the world of matter, influencing your earthly affairs.

More than one child can be born at the same hospital at the same time, which means that their birth charts are identical. But it’s extremely unlikely that any of these children would be given exactly the same first, middle, last names. Combination of birth and name astrology provides very unique information about who you are.

Imagine standing in the middle of a planetary or Zodiac circle being bathed in the sounds and colors and movement they emanate.

Eurythmy Esoteric VowelsEurythmy Esoteric Consonants

Then your name is spoken, and a path is created within the circle. How does it feel to walk the path created by your name? Is the experience different when you face forward, or face the center, or simply follow your nose? These perceptions are very tangible and transferable to the practices of daily life. Below is the example of the first name mandalas for the public persona Doreen Virtue.

Esoteric Vowel Path for DoreenEsoteric Consonant Path for Doreen

What if you move your path within the same circle with another person, or a group of people? How do you have to shift your awareness so that you don’t keep bumping into each other? The observations and experiences from this exercise can be applied directly to your personal and work relationships.

The more I work with Dynamic Name™ Mandala, my signature approach to name reading, the more I am amazed at how accurate it is, and at the immense potential it holds for self-inquiry, conflict resolution, and team building.

Conscious sounding and moving of your name brings the energies of the stellar and planetary Spiritual Beings into this world, into your life. Cosmic vibrations are invited into your etheric field to release your unique code, stored in your bones. Your body holds all the wisdom you need to fulfill your mission in this lifetime. Kinesthetic perception enables you to become more aware of the inner knowledge you embody.

1 – Begin with a simple, yet profound and effective, daily practice of the I-A-O Harmonious Movement Meditation (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) to feel standing in your individual column of Light and being one with your Highest Self. The I-A-O Harmonious Movement Meditation is available for free to subscribers of Eurythmy Musings and to Dynamic Name™ Mandala customers.

2 – Then you are ready to bathe in the cosmic energy of the sounds of speech. The Esoteric Vowels Meditation consciously tunes you into the planetary influences of the vowels, and Esoteric Consonant Meditation consciously opens you up to the vibrations of the Stars through the consonants. Both are available for free to subscribers of Eurythmy Musings and to Dynamic Name™ Mandala customers.

3 – Finally, connect with the sounds you think, feel, and hear the most: your name. What vowels sing in your name? How do you dance with the Stars? Dynamic Name™ Mandala is a celestial blueprint based on your name in conjunction with your birth chart. It reveals astrology in your name to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Marta can create your Dynamic Name™ Mandala to ease the process of getting closer to your true self. She’ll draw out the cosmic pattern, hidden in your name and birth chart, and give you some guidance on how you can begin to uncover your purpose in life, and then actually manifest and share your gifts with the world.

Dynamic Name Mandala via Email Globally by Marta Stemberger Dynamic Name Mandala in Person in NYC by Marta Stemberger




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