Virgo 2016


The four weekVirgo Seal by Rudolf Steiners before the autumnal equinox are marked with our gradual descent back onto the Earth from the sojourn in the brilliance of the High Summer’s spiritual palaces. We are accompanied by the Divine Feminine presence who provides nourishment to ease the transition. See the poignant depiction on the Rudolf Steiner’s seal for Virgo.

According to traditional astrology, the Sun visits the constellation of Virgo between August 21 and September 22. Virgo is the only female sign in the Western astrology, representing the Divine Feminine aspect of the Zodiac. The eurythmy gesture for Virgo holds the spiritual stems of golden ripe wheat. The left arm at the left hip and the right arm at the right thigh ease the flow of soulful harvest into daily life. We move within the image of Demeter and Persephone, the Mother and the Daughter, deities of the Eleusinian mysteries. They are the queens, powerful feminine forces, clad in royal blue garments.

Human beings are created from the Father Sky and the Mother Earth through Love. At the Winter Solstice, a spark of Light is born. At the Vernal Equinox, we arise from the darkness. At the Summer Solstice, we honor our spiritual ancestry. At the Autumnal Equinox, we walk the Earth in gratitude as mature human beings.

In the ninth month of each year, we are given the opportunity anew. Will we choose to live a responsible life, or will we continue to destroy the seeds of Life, Love, Light? Will we embrace our destiny as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body to imbue dark matter with Love and Light? Or will we go on behaving as unconscious spoiled brats?

The Divine Feminine encourages us through her compassion; the Archangel Michael, as an older sibling, assures safety.

The constellation of Virgo offers us special gifts for the transitions: the consonants B and P. The eurythmy gesture for B gathers a blue mantle into a comfortable embrace, full of radiant orange, within which our yellow inner Light is protected and sustained. A symbol for Autumn and Winter. The eurythmy gesture for P, lifts a fine light purple cloak high above the head and gently cascades down the sides of a royal blue silk garment, creating a gorgeous arch shimmer of blue green and light purple flowers. A symbol for Spring and Summer.

Eurythmy figure B, hand-drawn by Marta Stemberger, based on Rudolf Steiner's indicationsEurythmy figure P, based on Rudolf Steiner's indications

In Greek mythology, Persephone, also called Core, the Maiden, spent half of the year with her husband Hades as the Queen of the underworld, and half of the year with her mother Demeter in the mansions of the skies. Persephone supports the humans through this two-part cycle. Like her, we belong to two worlds. Perhaps this is what the Eleusinian mysteries are teaching us. We are the kings and queens of the world of matter; we are the daughters and sons of the world of Spirit. May we stand tall in our uprightness connecting the Earth and the Heavens. May we humbly cross our arms in reverence for the Source of our existence.

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