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What Planets Vibrate through the Vowels in Your Name?

When we speak, the larynx vibrates and emits sounds, which we can hear, but cannot see with earthly eyes. Eurythmy moves to the energy of the human speech to make the audible visible. Vowels sing with the Planets; consonants dance with the Stars. Each letter of the alphabet has its own signature sound and accompanying eurythmy gesture.

Aquarius, the Bearer of Spirit waters, gives us the sound of M, breathing through the colors of green, blue, and violet. M arises from the Aquarian waters to mold the human essence from the energies of matter and Love, permeated with the green balance of Nature, blue contemplation of enlightened human mind, and violet royal of angelic presence. What we plant in Aquarius, will flower in Gemini, the Transformer, and mature in Virgo, the Nurturer. Have we prepared the Soul’s soil well enough by being grateful in Sagittarius, the Guardian?

Eurythmy Figure M by Marta Stemberger

In this article, I’d like to focus on vowels to acknowledge a very rare planetary occurrence: The five major Planets—Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter—are aligned across the sky from January 20 through February 20, and we can see them.

Vowels that Planets bring as a gift to the humans are the closest to singing in our speech. When they are in harmony, we can sense the closest proximity to the Music of the Spheres and the Rainbows of the Heavens.

The Sun brings us the celestial vibrations of AU (pronounced “ah-oo”) on the waves of spiritual white. The feeling Venus inspires awe through the openness of A (pronounced “ah”) at the heart level, in the balancing hues of green. Mercury is bright yellow, eager to connect the Heavens and the Earth with I (pronounced “ee”). The gesture reaches up and down: “As above, so below”. The ever-changing Moon stands royal in its purple esoteric attire. Its energy ceaselessly caresses the world with AI (pronounced “ah-ee”), causing the waters to swell and ebb. Mars is asserting himself with the red will to action, setting firm boundaries with E (pronounced “eh”). Benevolent Jupiter shines in welcoming orange, embraces all with O (pronounced “oh”), and encourages doing in the world. The thinking energy of Saturn slows the wheel down, and invites us to ponder the indigo blue mysteries of unity in U (pronounced “oo”).

Eurythmy Esoteric Vowels in Planetary CircleThe Planets emit color, sound, and movement counterclockwise on the septagram, the encircled seven-pointed star. At least in the Northern hemisphere; Rudolf Steiner gave indications for the vowel wheel in Europe. It would be interesting to experience the eurythmy planetary circle in the Southern hemisphere. Since the Moon phases and the water spirals are reversed, would I also be naturally inclined to move the planetary circle clockwise? I’d like to spend a year in the South to experience different vibrational flows of the Moon, the waters, and the seasons.

Let’s look at the public persona Doreen Virtue as an example.

Esoteric Vowel Path for DoreenDoreen first moves from the center to Jupiter and O, then to Mercury and I, and returns to the center. The vowels in her name—O (pronounced “oh”) and I (pronounced “ee”)—evoke the vibes of a benevolent leader who communicates well.

Listen to the sounds of the vowels in your first name. Draw a big circle on an empty piece of paper, and mark the points of a seven-pointed star on the circle line. Mark the position of vowels as per the diagram above. Then draw a curved path from the center to the first vowel in your name, and the next. If the same vowel repeats, make a circle around that vowel. When you have marked the last vowel, jot a dotted line back to the center. The blueprint that you have drawn is interesting in itself, form and information-wise. I can create the colored drawing for you, and offer you my interpretation. Click here to read more about the Dynamic Name™ Mandala, revealing the astrology hidden in your name.

But the true benefit comes when you move the drawn form as a mediation practice. You don’t need much space. Enough room for two or three steps in each direction would suffice. You can even do it standing in place.

After you have the drawing or mandala on paper, get up to prepare for movement.

Start with the Eurythmy I-A-O Meditation to connect with your Highest Self through the vertical column of Light. I-A-O (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) is the first eurythmy exercise, given by Rudolf Steiner to Lory Maier-Smits in September of 1912 in Munich, Germany. In Hawaiian shamanism, ‘IAO is the sacred name for the Infinite Light, the Light of the World. Click here to get the audio and written I-A-O Meditation. It’s free for Marta’s Friends.

Now you are ready for the Eurythmy Esoteric Vowels Meditation, following the encircled seven-pointed colored diagram shown above. You will be guided to imagine being encircled by the Planets, the colors they shine, and the sounds they vibrate. It includes instructions about how to walk the path indicated by the vowels in your name. Click here to get the written Esoteric Vowels Meditation. It’s free for Marta’s Friends. I’ll let you know when the audio version will be available.

Enjoy the harmonious movement meditations. Let me know how they resonate with you. And feel free to email me with questions, or comments.

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I-A-O Harmonious Movement Meditation


  1. What a lovely article. Interesting, educational and just so much of my former Waldorf teachings that I could not stop smiling. Thank you


    1. You’re welcome, Melinda. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Did you have a chance to read the latest article as well? It’s about the consonants and the Zodiac circle. Here’s the link:


  2. Eeeveee. How does that work?


    1. Well, Evie, first you draw a big circle on an empty piece of paper, and mark the points of a seven-pointed star on the circle line. Mark the position of the vowels as per the diagram above. Then draw a curved path from the center to the I (“ee”), make a circle around the point of the I (“ee”) because it repeats in your name, and then jot a dotted line back to the center.
      You have a strong connection to Mercury, who is a communicator between the Heavens and the Earth.
      The next step is to move your planetary blueprint as a meditation to begin sensing the esoteric sounding, which is energy, but not necessarily a sound as we may expect it. The instructions for the harmonious movement meditation are in the FREE Esoteric Vowels Meditation. You get it along with the free I-A-O meditation and the free Esoteric Consonants Meditation when you subscribe to my newsletters at


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