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What Stars Dance through the Consonants in Your Name?

The energies of the Planets and the Stars influence us every day. Not just through their cosmic dance and relational dynamics, which can be traced in astronomy and astrology, but also more directly. Our names are unique combinations of sounds. Vowels sing with the Planets; consonants dance with the Stars. When we speak, the larynx vibrates and emits sounds, which we can hear, but cannot see with earthly eyes. The harmonious movement art of eurythmy moves to the music of the human speech to make the audible visible. Each letter of the alphabet has its own signature sound and accompanying eurythmy gesture.

In the previous Eurythmy Musings, I wrote about the vowels and the Planets. (If you missed it, you can read the article by clicking here.) The current issue focuses on the consonants and the Stars. But first, let’s look at the Zodiac sign that is the Sun’s home from February 18 through March 19: the Pisces.

Pisces, the Explorer of waters, give us the sound N, formed through the colors of yellow green, blue violet, and soft purple. We can feel the stirrings in Nature, and the changes in the air during the last month of the Winter in the Northern hemisphere. The beings in the constellation of Pisces, clad in feisty magenta, swim around to invigorate the esoteric liquids with eagerness to birth new life. Are you ready to jump into the brightness of Spring, leaving the old habits behind? But the movement of N is also thoughtful: No, we are not to destroy the bridges to the past; we are encouraged to be in touch with the knowledge gained from the lived experiences. Emotions are processed and elevated into feelings. The essence of the pilgrimage and the wisdom learnt become the honey pot for the Soul’s journey ahead. Respect for the old and gentle anticipation for the new is joyfully expressed in the gesture of N. The sound is enhanced by the gesture of Pisces, which connects the still unconscious wisdom, stored in the bodies, with our Cosmic blueprint. We are nudged to manifest our dreams, to give birth to a renewed self.

Eurythmy Figure N by Marta Stemberger

The consonants that Stars bring as a gift to the humans provide structure for the human speech and the Soul’s existence in the physical world. Some sounds mold and organize matter: the plosives N, D, T, G, K, B, P, M. Others breathe life and warmth: Ha, H, F, TS, S, Z. And of course we need water: refresh yourself daily with the flowing gesture of L, transforming the unconscious lead into the golden reality through generosity and thoughtfulness of the heart. Fluff up the matter and have fun with the air sound R, especially the rolled one, which rejuvenates our life forces through the invigorating red, bright yellow, and balancing green.

The Stars emit color, sound, and movement clockwise on the dodecagram, the encircled twelve-pointed star. At least in the Northern hemisphere; Rudolf Steiner gave indications for the consonant wheel in Europe. It would be interesting to experience the eurythmy Zodiac circle in the Southern hemisphere. Since the Moon phases and the water spirals are reversed, would I also be naturally inclined to move the Zodiac circle counterclockwise? I’d like to spend a year in the South to experience different vibrational flows of the Moon, the waters, and the seasons.

Eurythmy Esoteric Consonants in the Zodiac CircleThe eurythmy zodiac wheel begins on your right side with the red Aries, and the sounds V and W. The gestures are wave-like, arising from the primordial air and waters to create life as the Nature awakens at the Spring Equinox. Orange Taurus with its airy rolled R enables us to expand the projects we began in Aries, so that they can fully shine in yellow Gemini and breathe with Ha and H. The Summer Solstice welcomes Cancer, calming green, and warm F. The sky blue of Leo invites us to relax. Its T and D caress us with yellows and reds, while still carrying some green from July, and hinting at the cooler days to come with a trace of lilac. Virgo deepens into royal blue, creates a lilac and blue arc with P, and embraces us with a protective B. The Autumn Equinox ushers in the indigo of Libra, which balances the wheel on the left side with the rainbow sound TS. Then it’s time to descend into profound depths of dark purple Scorpio. Like a sorcerer, we cut through the shadows with S and Z, to emerge in gratitude on the other side. Sagittarius awaits in the light of lavender, cleansing any left-over residues with sharp K and gentle G. Now we are ready for the Soul to be reborn at the Winter Solstice. Bathe in spiritual life-giving waters of L and soft pink—nicknamed peach blossom—rays of Capricorn. Refreshed, we are drawn to ponder the flow of life by the blues, greens, purples of the molding M, lit by the soft magenta of Aquarius. The inner life grows stronger as the magenta intensifies in Pisces, and N thoughtfully pulls us out of the night colors to be ready to enter the daylight at the Spring Equinox anew.

Let’s look at the public persona Doreen Virtue as an example.

Esoteric Consonants Path for DoreenDoreen first moves from the center backwards to Leo and D, then diagonally forward to Taurus and R, and straight down to Pisces and N. She returns to the center diagonally backwards. The energies carried in her name’s consonants—D, R, N—help her to shine the spiritual Light into the practices people created, and helps us see how the thoughts and beliefs, which are just under the surface, need to be changed to heal ourselves.

Listen to the sounds of the consonants in your first name. Draw a big circle on an empty piece of paper, and mark the points of a twelve-pointed star on the circle line. Mark the position of consonants as per the diagram above. Then draw a straight path from the center to the first consonant, and the next. When you have marked the last consonant, jot a dotted line back to the center. The blueprint that you have drawn is interesting in itself, form and information-wise. I can create the colored drawing for you, and offer you my interpretation. Click here to read more about the Dynamic Name™ Mandala, revealing the astrology hidden in your name.

But the true benefit comes when you move the drawn form as a mediation practice. You don’t need much space. Enough room for two or three steps in each direction would suffice. You can even do it standing in place.

After you have the drawing or mandala on paper, get up to prepare for movement.

Start with the I-A-O Harmonious Movement Meditation to connect with your Highest Self through the vertical column of Light. I-A-O (pronounced “ee-ah-oh”) is the first eurythmy exercise, given by Rudolf Steiner to Lory Maier-Smits in September of 1912 in Munich, Germany. In Hawaiian shamanism, ‘IAO is the sacred name for the Infinite Light, the Light of the World. Click here to get the audio and written I-A-O Meditation. It’s free for Marta’s Friends.

Now you are ready for the Eurythmy Esoteric Consonant Meditation, following the encircled twelve-pointed colored mandala shown above. You will be guided to imagine being encircled by the star constellations, the colors they shine, and the sounds they vibrate. It includes instructions about how to walk the path indicated by the consonants in your name. Click here to get the written Esoteric Consonant Meditation. It’s free for Marta’s Friends. I’ll let you know when the audio version will be available.

Enjoy the harmonious movement meditations. Let me know how they resonate with you. And feel free to email me with questions, or comments.

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